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Do you own a “brick and mortar” business?

Chances are, if you are a small-medium business owner, you do.

There are online businesses, however the point of this post is the offline business experience.

This means, you have walk-in prospective customers.
These are people out and about wanting to spend money.
Some are browsers who are a little idealistic – they’d like to buy and maybe they will, just not today.
Others are fixed in their mind about what they want and they are out shopping to find it.

Let’s say Joe wants to finally buy himself an HDTV.
He has done his basic research; he’s seen the ads on TV for all the retail stores that sell TVs and he knows that there are bargains out there. He’s looking for a reputable retailer to buy from.

He comes to your store.

Would you know if he did, if he doesn’t buy from you?

Do you have any traffic monitoring services for your business, to tally up how much foot traffic comes into your store?

A counter? No, pointless. You don’t want to count the visitors. There is a more important reason for you to learn how many visitors came to your store.

More sales staff to be able to attend to these visitors – because all your staff are busy helping other customers? No. Pointless, again. Costly, too.

What you need is a method for engaging each and every one of your customers the moment they walk in the store.

You need to give them information; you need to obtain information from them; you need to show them through your actions that you CARE about their business and that you respect they have taken time to walk into your store.


  • Door prizes – offer a weekly door prize to any customer who leaves their name, email, and phone number with you, with permission to be contacted (whether they buy or not).
  • Special discounts – become a “member” and receive automatic 15% OFF everything in the store. Membership requires each customer to leave their contact details, with permission to be contacted.
  • Referral rewards – offer a FREE gift to the value of (whatever value is reasonable for your product or service range), to each customer who brings 4 new customers to the store. Make it worthwhile.

Key to all this is that if you don’t know how many people are walking through your doors, you have no idea how many customers didn’t buy, and you have no idea of guess-timating just how many dollars in lost sales that equates to.

Sure, not every customer walking through the door is a sale – not on the day.
BUT treat them right and engage them first time, and they can become future sales because when they leave their contact details, you can obtain permission to contact them to provide them with special customer deals.

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